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Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is now a requirement for all organisations.

This course promotes a positive safety culture within the working environment, which in turn means fewer accidents in the workplace. It also makes individuals aware of their own responsibility for their safety and that of their colleagues by identifying potential hazards and evaluating/reducing their risks.

Duration: 4 Hours





  • Safety background

  • Legal requirements

  • Example assessments

  • Theory and de-brief

  • Open forum

There is a practical element to the course, which will be tailored to your organisations specific needs.

This course has no formal examination but the tutor assesses the students continually.

Course fees: This course is £430.00 for up to 14 people.

This includes us supplying all manuals, handouts and certificates.

You will be required to supply a suitable training room. Alternatively the cost is £45.00 per person to attend our venue.


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