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Health and safety 

At Pegasus Health and Safety Training we are committed to delivering a high quality and wide range of courses aimed at providing our clients with the most appropriate training to meet their specific needs.



We endeavour to ensure that all training is undertaken in a safe manner and environment to minimise the risk of injury to our clients and trainers. At the beginning of each course the trainer will carry out an appropriate risk assessment. This is followed by giving a safety brief to the students, to include any specific areas highlighted in the risk assessment, as well as general emergency procedures and fire evacuation.

  • Equal opportunities

We endeavour to provide equality of opportunities to all clients and staff. We expect all individuals to be treated in a fair, equitable and respectful manner and will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour of any kind. These practices are continuously monitored to ensure their effectiveness.

  • Quality Assurance

We endeavour to provide training to the highest possible standard. Firstly, we ensure that all our trainers and assessors are highly qualified with many years of clinical experience and teaching practice behind them. They are encouraged to attend regular refresher courses themselves so they can keep abreast of any changes in practice or regulations.

Standards are maintained and monitored by audit tools such as course evaluations, monitoring pass rates, the use of external assessors and by regular feedback to the client company.

Pegasus Health & Safety Training is approved by:

  • Qualsafe
  • CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)
  • Early Years Training Team
  • AOFA (Association of First Aiders)



Tel: 01279 830529

Mob: 07951 560977

Email: [email protected]



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